The Road to a Billion Pt1

Real Estate Investing For Medical Professionals

27-12-2023 • 23 mins

Join Vikram Raya, the visionary CEO and co-founder of Viking Capital, as he takes you on an extraordinary journey behind the scenes of their incredible rise. From clueless physicians exploring real estate as a 'stupid side hustle' to the thriving business moguls managing a whopping $1 billion in assets, this is a story of transformation, challenges, and triumphs.

🌐 In this Exclusive Video, Discover The Origin Story: Learn how Viking Capital was born and the challenges faced by Vikram Raya and his co-founder, Ravi Gupta. The Pivot to Multifamily: Explore the pivotal moment that led them to multifamily real estate, revolutionizing their approach to wealth creation. Partnership Dynamics: Delve into the power of partnerships and how choosing the right teammate played a crucial role in Viking Capital's success. Overcoming Obstacles: Uncover the hurdles they faced, the risks taken, and the lessons learned along the way. All-In Decision: Witness the game-changing decision that propelled them into a multimillion-dollar deal, overcoming unexpected challenges.