The Power To Be!

Richard Flint

One thing is true about life. The road you travel is never a straight line, nor is it without curves, hills or detours. There will always be signs you are moving too fast to see clearly. You need to be able to handle the unexpected and unpredictable events that come your way. That means YOU need a resource to help you prepare for the life you want by dealing with the life you have. That resource is Richard Flint and THE POWER TO BE. Each week Richard Flint guides you through life’s struggles with an understanding on why they are part of your life, why you battle with them, and give you insights and processes to control their effect on your life. As Richard says, there are only two directions your life can go: in circles or forward. THE POWER TO BE hour is about preparing you to go forward by unleashing the power that is within you. read less
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