Episode 019: Blakely Little - Making a Living as an Artist

Brands that Book with Davey & Krista Jones

01-08-2018 • 51 mins

On today’s episode we welcome artist Blakely Little of Blakely Made. Blakely is the first artist that we’ve had on the show. We have known Blakely since she was in high school and it’s been amazing to watch her career evolve, especially recently. If you were to walk into an Anthropologie store today, you would find a line of dishware with Blakely’s art on it. Blakely is inspired by the low country sky, winding waterways, and colorful marshland. Her artwork is the way she expresses the joy she has bundled up inside of her. She likes to paint the way she sees the world: full of color in unlikely places. Today we’re chatting to Blakely about making a living as an artist and her recent collaboration with Anthropologie. She is giving us her insights into creative work, staying inspired, to creating when you don’t feel like it, and much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Blakely’s path that led her to a career in art.
  • How Florence sparked Blakely’s impressionistic, colourful style of art.
  • Transitioning to a full time artist.
  • How in every series there are about five pieces of art that get lost along the way.
  • The valuable lesson in creating, whether it’s good or bad.
  • Managing the business side of art.
  • Blakely’s first artwork sale.
  • Pricing artwork according to size.
  • Capturing feelings in paintings.
  • Using Instagram, bloggers and interior designers to market her work.
  • Gaining a following through galleries and art shows.
  • What sparked Blakely’s collaboration with Anthropologie.
  • Promoting the collaboration through photos and social media.
  • Getting out and staying inspired through travel.
  • Understanding it’s a job although you’re a creative.
  • Switching things up to encourage you to keep on going.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Blakely Little — https://blakelymade.com/
Blakely on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/blakelymade/
Blakely Made on Anthropologie — https://www.anthropologie.com/brands/blakely-made
Lulie Wallace — https://www.luliewallace.com/
Teil Duncan — https://www.teilduncan.com/
Raven Roxanne — https://ravenroxanne.com/

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