Strong Woman: The Podcast

Poppy Ajudha

Strong Woman: The Podcast is a collection of some of my favourite conversations with some of my favourite people! Throughout this series I'll be joined by a selection of inspiring guests who I'm honoured to count as friends to chat about everything from politics, activism, live touring, the challenges of existing in this world and much more! I get a chance to discover more about their lives, hear their opinions and each one of them brings their own unique perspective on how to create a better future in this chaotic world. These conversations are an open forum and I hope can provide a catalyst for discussion so please get in touch and share your thoughts.

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Introducing Strong Woman: The Podcast
Adrienne Herbert: Motivation, Movement & Embracing ChangeComfort Egbuta: Mental health, accessing help & destigmatising saying how we really feelLava La Rue: Music, creativity, breaking down the norms of society & always being authentic to who you areAyishat Akanbi: Radical Compassion, the internet free for all & self acceptance in the face of adversityThe Slumflower: Independence, sexuality, tattoos and a whole lot more!Emma Breschi: Women's bodies, society's expectations & using your voice for changeNubya Garcia: Being a female solo artist & the power of activist musicIntroducing Strong Woman: The Podcast