Inspiring Improvement: Our Guiding Values at KaiNexus -- Greg Jacobson and Jeff Roussel Discuss

KaiNexus: Continuous Improvement, Leadership, and More

30-01-2024 • 19 mins

From this video, Jeff Roussel (chief revenue officer) and Greg Jacobson (co-founder and CEO) discuss the culture at KaiNexus.

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In this enlightening episode of the KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast, join Jeff Roussel and Greg Jacobson for a deep dive into the unique corporate ethos of Kinexis. Discover how this dynamic company has etched out its colossal success through the shared formulation and embodiment of collective core values. Rather than a top-down approach, KaiNexus methodically identified fundamental behaviors through employee interactions that came to define their organization. Their culture vividly narrates a story of shared beliefs where every policy adopted and decision made is a tribute to their core values. Let’s explore how they've shaped their environment, where principles aren't simply stated words, but an integral part of the everyday actions.

Take a journey revealing how the cornerstone of teamwork contributes significantly to KaiNexus's triumphs. Understanding that individual efforts culminate in extraordinary feats when synchronized into a collective endeavor is their core mantra. Discover how Kinexis has cultivated a workplace where collaboration and collective success are at the heart of every initiative. A discussion featuring their outlook on kindness as a strength, focusing on customer needs, and the embedding of trust will help listeners understand how the company's values contribute to a nurturing and respectful business ethos, while also delivering superior service to its clientele.