Are You Normalizing Your Children's Fears?

Tell Me About Your Kids

02-03-2023 • 45 mins

All children feel afraid of things they perceive out of their control. Feeling scared, nervous, upset is all perfectly normal. Jess’ 7 year old daughter Lily is dealing with normal fears of a quiet, cautious child Jess worries is stuck in anxiety. Jess’s childhood fears were dismissed by an inconvenienced mother with little to no empathy. It’s no wonder Jess wants to rid her daughter of any of the fears that left her feeling alone, frightened and unsafe. To this day she gets triggered when she feels invalidated.

Bonnie Harris, MS.Ed., director of Connective Parenting, 30+ years of coaching, teaching, and writing for parents.



Produced, mixed, and scored by Echo Finch

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When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and What You Can Do About It

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