31| Exploring Transactional Modesty, Body Liberation, and Adultification: A Deep Dive into Black Women's Liberation with Dr. Candice Nicole Hargons

Black Woman In Bloom

06-07-2023 • 34 mins

Have you ever wondered how societal norms of modesty and beauty shape our thoughts, feelings, and even our interactions? I sat down with the brilliant Dr. Candice Nicole Hargons, and together we unpacked the concept of 'transactional modesty' that she developed in response to the backlash Ciara received for her outfit choice. This episode promises an in-depth discussion on the societal implications of our appearance and behavior, encouraging you to question your personal preferences and their origins.

We also ventured into the concerning trend of adultification, particularly regarding black girls. This phenomenon, where children are seen and treated as adults, brings dangerous implications, and we discuss this in the context of safety in relationships and how we dress. We emphasize the need for comprehensive sex education and the importance of restorative justice in holding adults accountable.

By exploring how these concepts are uniquely applied and enforced in different racial contexts, we aim to provide a fresh perspective on these pressing issues. So, tune in for an enlightening episode that will challenge your perceptions and inspire you to think differently about modesty, beauty, safety, and liberation issues.

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