Museum Secrets

Ashmolean Museum

The curators at the University of Oxford's Ashmolean Museum have been recording bite-sized tales of the wonderful, and sometimes unexpected, life of a museum. We can’t wait to share them with you! Museum Secrets is produced and presented by Lucie Dawkins.

Subscribe to Fingerprints, a new Ashmolean podcastA Miniature MasterpieceToad Vaccines and Magical JewelleryRules for LifeOpening the BoxDevilry and Pink RibbonsSoaring Above the CloudsAncient Egyptian Family FeudWindmills and WagersBeneath the BlueA Sitting DuckTRAILER: Museum Secrets – Series 2, Coming SoonThe Ghost PainterThe Masked MatriarchThe Invention of EmpathyMore Tea, Vicar?Globetrotting ArtUpcycling and Glad RagsDamaged by LightBroken And Beautiful