Smoking Section w/ Eternal Dragonz

Eternal Dragonz

Welcome to Smoking Section, a podcast by Eternal Dragonz. Taking inspiration from the fleeting but meaningful connections that are so often formed in the smoking sections at raves, this podcast was born out of an appreciation for the digital community we have been able to foster throughout the years and a desire to host a space to try to recreate those organic rave conversations in a digital diasporic context. Hosted by Miles Ginoza, the podcast will explore Asian diasporic experience, creative journeys, food hacks, go-to karaoke songs, and insights into the making of mixes, music, and art that members of the collective have produced for Eternal Dragonz.

Host: Miles Ginoza

Design: Cora Yiu

Additional Design: Andrew Hong

Editing + Mixing: Justin Tam

Opening Music: ' 私達を信じていて (S)' by ONY

Closing Music: 'Own Way' by Frikimo

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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