Are Entrepreneurs The Next Covid-19 Heroes?

Opportunity Awaits with Aaron Henriques

14-05-2020 • 15 mins

This episode came to me when I was brushing my teeth while getting ready for bed last night.

I talk about the damage coronavirus COVID-19 is doing to the UK and global economy. Plus the impact on my own businesses and differences in two major cities where I operate.

I discuss my view on the responsibility of all entrepreneurs to help support the economy to bounce back after inevitable public sector cuts and tax increases, save jobs and keep families financially secure.

I also share how your business can get funding with a bounce-back loan of up to £50k, even if you've not been eligible for any government grants or furloughing in your own businesses.

Listen to why I believe people running or starting a business today will become the hero of tomorrow to the people in the UK and see if you can help out with ideas for my exporting challenge.

Plus more... so grab a coffee, listen in and stay tuned!

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