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4. Your Painting of a Lifetime: how to reframe those moments where things don't go to plan...
4. Your Painting of a Lifetime: how to reframe those moments where things don't go to plan...
Do you find yourself or feel like you are 'sabotaging' your efforts to change your life? Does it feel like you just can't stick to the things you want to accomplish and you are gathering evidence of WHY you can't do and achieve the things you want? As you make progress towards your goals you are also inevitably navigating life changes and challenges that may influence your choices and decisions, sometimes taking you away from your goals. Over the last few weeks I made choices that felt in conflict with my goals and promises to myself. There was a time in my life when I would have allowed this to mean something self deprecating that would have made the impact of those choices so much bigger and last so much longer that they ever do today. This analogy of 'The Painting of a Lifetime' illustrates how small those moments actually are in lifetime and invites you to start again at any time rather than allow that one moment to have a much greater impact on your life and self worth. These moments are a part of our human experience and can bring so much value to your life when you practice self connection with compassion. As ever, if you would like to explore how to apply any of the principles that I share in this podcast in your own life or organisation, please book a free Connection Session with me right here The Life Connection Community is my free Facebook group where you can find community, coaching and resources to support your journey of self discover, master your emotions and get clarity of life direction and purpose beyond your day to day experoences. Head here to join the tribe You can also find me on Facebook and find out more about me on my website here