Limbo land - what you can do while you wait for an MS diagnosis

Breaking it down - A multiple sclerosis podcast

28-05-2024 • 50 mins

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Waiting for a potential multiple sclerosis diagnosis can be daunting. In this episode, we explore the "limbo land" time during your first appointments and a possible MS diagnosis.

Neurologist, Dr Emma Tallantyre, joins us to talk about the importance of reaching out to your healthcare professionals, managing stress and more!

We discuss the roles of neurologists and the tests you might go through. Plus, we cover some top tips for preparing for each appointment and what to do next.

Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the diagnostic journey, treatments, and the value of support from healthcare professionals, family, and friends.

Listen now for expert advice, personal stories, and community support.

Show notes

- Worried you have MS?:
- MS Trust what is MS?:
- MS trust how is MS diagnosed?:
- MS Trust newly diagnosed:
- MS Trust  A-Z of MS :
- MS Trust questions to ask a health professionals:
- MS Trust contact us:
- Diagnosing MS - Lumbar puncture video:
- Diagnosing MS - Evoked potentials tests video:
- Diagnosing MS - MRI scan video

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