Author Interview - Nina's Whisper with Dr. Sheena Howard

I'm Not In An Abusive Relationship

17-06-2020 • 26 mins

Dr. Sheena Howard recently published a novel, Nina’s Whisper, that untangles the psychology of abuse. However, the book is rare and unique because it tackles same-sex domestic abuse. Even though female-to-female abuse is largely ignored, the Human Rights Campaign estimates that 44% of lesbians experience domestic abuse. In addition, the CDC estimates that domestic abuse in LGBTQ relationships have higher rates than that of heterosexuals couples. Through her platform, Dr. Howard aims to challenge our notion of who can be a victim and challenge the script that abuse is only male to female.

Sheena shared her own personal story as well as the significance of her book, Nina’s Whisper with Dan on this episode. Her hope: To not only bring awareness to listeners but also inspire you to triumph over the trauma of abuse.

Dr. Howard has been featured on/in major media outlets such as BBC World, ABC, PBS, NPR, NBC, L.A. Times, The Washington Post, The Breakfast Club and more.

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