The Velocity Juice Podcast - Episode 3: The Story of Blue Array, SEO Agency with Simon Schnieders

The Velocity Juice Podcast

10-03-2023 • 28 mins

Have you ever wondered why SEO is important for a brand or why you should start investing in such activities?

We started the journey with the same questions as many founders in our ecosystem. Why is SEO still important when digital advertising can solve the conversion problem, or what is the role in a market driven by performance marketing?

We are delighted to have Simon Schnieders, founder of Blue Array, an SEO consultancy, joining us for our third episode, who will help us find some of the answers to our SEO questions.

Simon started his career at Zoopla, Yell and Mail Online, building a track record of successful exits. In this episode, we touch on his journey of setting up his company, and more importantly, we will assess the value of SEO for an emerging brand.

Listeners will explore many strategies to increase SEO positioning and brand visibility naturally.

Our first podcast series aims to empower founders by providing them with curated conversations on growing Direct-to-Consumer businesses. We will engage our listeners will stories from our portfolio founders and learn about their journeys and the ups and downs of building their dream companies. Our listeners will be introduced to experts specialising in assisting with scaling D2C businesses, from SEO to paid advertising to optimisations, retail and omnichannel strategies. This podcast series will open our doors to how we work with companies across our Venture Capital and finance businesses.