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Dr. Sara Jahansouz Wray: Recovering Perfectionist & ForCollegeForLife Speaker
Dr. Sara Jahansouz Wray: Recovering Perfectionist & ForCollegeForLife Speaker
Dr. Sara Jahansouz Wray is the ultimate recovering perfectionist! She has spent over half of her life on college campuses, which provides a keen insight and unique perspective on the challenges facing today’s college students. Her social media presence went viral when she transitioned from blogging about fashion to sharing her recovery journey from alcohol and prescription pills. Dr. Wray has shared her experience, strength, and hope with countless audiences seeking guidance on ways to cope with life that don’t involve a handful of pills or bottles of wine.Dr. Wray earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Lifesciences from Kansas State University, a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration from Indiana University, a Master’s Degree in Emergency and Crisis Management from University of North Carolina at Pembroke, and a Doctorate in Learning and Leadership from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  Dr. Wray’s dissertation, Female Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Their Engagement in an Experiential Learning Activity, has been utilized as a leading resource in understanding undergraduate engagement in the panhellenic sorority recruitment process.  Dr. Wray’s research interests include emotional intelligence, recovery, and college student persistence.  Dr. Wray’s proudest role in life is that of wife and mother.  Her husband, Mike, and children, Rory Rose and Shepherd reside in Sugar Land, TX. Her family enjoys making memories through travel and time spent with friends.Learn about Sara's programs at Sara on Instagram at on LinkedIn at