06-03-2023 • 25 mins

A Fighting Chance Foundation has been helping Virginia animals in need since June 2020. They are a charitable, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization based in Northern Virginia with the goal of making pet care affordable for Virginia families by subsidizing a portion of emergency or life-saving medical care for animals whose guardians do not have the necessary financial resources. Their mission is to support critical care for ill pets of the elderly, disabled and those whose total household income does not exceed the current Federal poverty guidelines. The Foundation aims to keep our animal companions healthy, happy and in their homes with the families who love them. Started by three Northern Virginia residents, Amy LaVigna, Laurie Judd and Kristine DeJarnette, the Foundation has helped approximately 90 dogs and cats receive prompt, veterinary care that sometimes supports a more comfortable life, and other times saves a life. Hoping to one day expand to a national charity, the Foundation runs on 100% volunteer work and Board member donation. Long-time animal advocate, Amy LaVigna, has rescued several dogs with major health issues over the years. The cost of proper veterinary care for cancers, injuries and disease can be exorbitant for anyone. Amy found herself in and out of emergency vets paying high costs to ensure her dogs received treatment and surgeries. Realizing how inaccessible vet care is for those who already struggle with day-to-day bills, A Fighting Chance Foundation was formed. They provide hope and help to pet owners in their most difficult times. Now in their third year, the Board of Directors is looking to expand their reach and connect with donors who also know that any donation, no matter how big or small, can make a real difference, a direct impact on dogs and cats in pain or facing life- threatening issues.

Website: https://www.afightingchancefoundation.org

Facebook: A-Fighting-Chance-Foundation-10188864825247