Off the Cuff with Kel - Conversations from the Frontline


Off the Cuff with Kel- Conversations from the Frontline, a podcast and live show for survivors and those who support them. Off the Cuff with Kel will inspire you, move you and empower you no matter who you are. The show will be diverse and inclusive, targeting areas of growth and leadership through trauma, help and healing, prevention and protection, stories of courage and survival, and a deep look at what it means to be a survivor. Join your host Kelly Humphries, a survivor of child sexual abuse, author, speaker, ambassador, and coach to shine a light of some off the toughest topics and bring it to you the most raw and authentic way, completely “Off the Cuff." There will be special guests from across all demographics, with the heart to break cycles, and empower a generation of people who will have a greater understanding of trauma and how they can make a difference to those who need it most. This also includes victim survivors who will find help, hope, healing and understanding. Welcome to Off the Cuff with Kel, Conversations from the Frontline! Produced by Media8. read less
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