CSG Ep. #100: Hoppy Holidale's with Noah Bogoff and The Bustlin' Band of Berkshire Brewers

Cooking Something Good

08-12-2022 • 30 mins

This week we are joined with Noah Bogoff, the Brewmaster of Berkshire Brewing Company in South Deerfield, MA. While Noah may be the son of BBC's owner Gary Bogoff, he discusses how he wasn't just given the keys to the kingdom. He gives us a glimpse into his commitment to craft beer and how he has worked his way up the ranks to one of the top positions in the brewery. The two spark our curiosities with the science behind creating these craft recipes, the transformation from recipe to bottle, and how to use craft brews to invigorate your favorite recipes. The Berkshire Brewing Company is known for their widely-anticipated annual holiday ale release. This year's "Holidale," features notes of cinnamon and vanilla beans for a snickerdoodle-inspired libation. Cheers to our 100th episode, Hoppy Holidale's with Noah Bogoff and the Bustlin' Band of Berkshire Brewers!