The Favourite Or 'All The Queens Horses And All The Queens Men Couldn't Keep Sarah From Court Again!' + ArchNews

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20-08-2020 • 1 hr

Bonus Episode Alert!!!
This is a relaxed fit bonus episode where we check out history as rep'd in the media! Shock, horror... Let's face it the media doesn't exactly have a brilliant track record. This episode the 2018 film about 18th C Ladies Doing It For Themselves!!! THE FAVOURITE!!! duh... duh... duh. This film is a 'Historical Satire'... I know... the director literally said that parts of it weren't historically accurate... I know... but this right here is the home of rebellion! And if you're going to use historical individuals or settings in a creative project, I am going to judge you on hysterical... no I mean, historical accuracy! We'll also give kudos to the archaeological community, as I highlight the most amazing... in my humble opinion... development in the field during July!
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The Anonymous Archaeologist

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