Performance People

Georgie + Ben Ainslie

Georgie + Ben Ainslie chat to people in high performance partnerships from sport, entertainment, business and politics in this new podcast. They talk about success + failure, highs + lows and how to overcome all sorts together. A Folding Pocket production.

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Our Editor's Take

Anyone curious about how high-achieving people overcome challenges may enjoy Performance People. Podcast cohosts Ben and Georgie Ainslie interview renowned achievers with their supporting cast. Often, guests are famous people and whoever helped them succeed. The Ainslies' backgrounds help them probe guests for fresh ideas on what it takes to succeed.

Ben is a former Olympian, and his wife Georgie is a career sports newscaster. Both overcame many obstacles to achieve great things themselves. Their backgrounds in media and sports make the podcast's four-way conversations illuminate. People from various backgrounds offer new perspectives to listeners. This UK-based podcast is appealing to listeners everywhere.

The Performance People podcast begins with quick bios and background highlights. Listeners get familiar with guests before the conversation starts. Though guests have accomplished great things, Ben and Georgie uncover the relatable. Whether politics, sports, or entertainment, the cohosts evoke common ground. Episode after episode, the show inspires all with valuable insight.

Ben is one of the most decorated Olympic sailors. Georgie anchors the biggest program on popular British television's Sky Sports News. Guests impressed with that pedigree are happy to sit down and share profound moments. The Ainslies are also busy parents. Performance People's work-life balance focus helps make it so popular. The podcast helps listeners improve performance in every aspect of their lives.

One episode brought on former Olympic and world champion sprinter Michael Johnson. The coach who worked with him throughout his career, Clyde Hart, joined him. Georgie had stomach troubles during the interview and saw it as a teaching moment. She led with questions about when Johnson struggled with stomach flu and missed an event. Keeping discussions honest like that is a big part of the Performance People podcast. The show focused on the steps they took to get back on track.

More great interviews let listeners hear from former politicians and mental health specialists. Performance People brings in journalists, artists, and more. Interview episodes run for about one hour and air once a week. Shorter, ten-minute episodes follow up on specific challenges past guests faced. Listeners also get tips for health problems and personal struggles.

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