235. Laura Stewart - Do The Difficult Things First

The Best You Podcast with Nick Carrier

14-12-2020 • 50 mins

Laura Stewart is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Canada’s Top Real Estate firm. Having spent the last 15 years navigating her career, Laura has had the opportunity to gain education and experience in a multitude of industries. From nutrition to concierge services, to special needs caregiver, to fashion, to real estate and a degree in Science and a Master of Business, Laura loves to discuss an array of topics with the hope of inspiring others to never settle.


Learn More about Laura:

Instagram: @laurastewartto

Blog: medium.com/@laurasplaylist


In this episode, Learn About:

3:54 - 12:18: How she began her career, jumping from industry to industry

13:00 - 21:15: What the leap of faith into realty was like

21:36 - 25:10: How she increased her ability succeed after reaching out to a mentor

26:07 - 34:28: The story behind the biggest mistake she and her team made, and what important lessons she took away from it

35:45 - 40:01: Her shift into podcasting more professionally with greater intent


Laura Stewart’s 3 things to get closer to her best self:

1. Systematizing more things

2. Determine what you're good at

3. Surround yourself with like minded people


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