The Art of Doing Nothing with Jessie Kanzer

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28-12-2021 • 47 mins

Do you ever feel like you need a break from the constant go, go, go? We know we do. And what's better than taking a break to do nothing? It sounds counterproductive, but when was the last time you just sat around and let your mind wander? Probably not recently, if at all. We're so busy nowadays that taking a moment for ourselves is a rarity. But it's so important.

So on this episode, we are joined by Jessie Kanzer to discuss her new book, The Art of Doing Nothing, what that actually entails, how her book parallels the “Great Resignation”, the pandemic, and share some mindset tips to combat overwhelm. You are going to end this episode with a new mindset and the inspiration to get you out of that rut you’re in! Get ready to relax and de-stress!

Jessie Kanzer was born in the former soviet union. She set out on a spiritual search after losing everything and starting over. Traveled to various countries at eight years old before coming to the United States. She bottled up and buried emotions at an early age. This soon manifested into an eating disorder. She discusses how she tried to change and reinvent herself and it didn’t work. She pushed on and graduated from college in an area she could have cared less about, but Summa Cume Laude of course.

Her turning point…a major car accident.

She picked up the Tao Te Ching from her bedside table. An ancient Chinese philosophy and reinvented herself following the car accident.

Jessie discusses how hitting rock bottom is an opportunity to begin again. She tells her story, invites us to read her book, and will leave you feeling hopeful and inspired to take on that next challenge or to simply navigate this chaotic time we all find ourselves in.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The Great Resignation. How her book is helping people through a period of major change in their lives.
  • What is the Tao Te Ching? Jessie puts this book into perspective and makes it relevant to moms in the modern-day who need help with the day-to-day overwhelm and stress.
  • Mindset shift best practices.
  • Jessie's childhood in the Soviet Union and the parallel to the hustle culture we live in today.
  • The lessons the pandemic has taught us.
  • Leveling up and accomplishing goals.
  • How to change from within to effect change in society.
  • How Jessie’s new book fits the mold of Christianity and other religions.

We are bringing various angles, ideas, and takeaways to this week’s episode. We want to hear from you! Tell us what you liked, didn’t like, or maybe what you would like us to continue in a future episode. Who knows, we just might have Jessie back!

About Jessie Kanzar:

Jessie Asya Kanzer was born in the Soviet Union. At the age of eight, she emigrated with her family to Brooklyn. She is a writer and former reporter and actress. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal, The Independent, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Ravishly, and Romper. Jessie lives with her two daughters and husband in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

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