Making Your Period Work for You

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25-05-2021 • 57 mins

Leisha is coming on the show this week to discuss hormones, cycles, and moods. Low energy does not have to be the norm with moms! As a functional medicine practitioner, she helps moms get back to feeling like themselves again. This episode is packed with so much information to get you back on track with your hormone health. Leisha lays out the foundation to get you started!

Leisha Drews is an RN with a background in critical care. She found her passion in holistic functional health and focuses on finding the root cause of women’s hormone issues. Leisha works with women dealing with abnormal periods, low energy, and mood swings. She has a big heart for moms and wants to help them to feel better and be present with their kids. Leisha is a mom herself and definitely understands their concerns!

Moms in their postpartum years come to Leisha tired and feeling awful. She reminds us that we don’t need to sacrifice everything in our lives to be a good mom. Eating well, self-care and sleep are vital to feeling well. There are a lot of changes in our hormones after having kids. Root causes may not be discussed at your postpartum visit and Leisha wants to help moms get back to feeling like themselves again.

What does a normal monthly cycle look like? Leisha tells us what to expect regarding hormone levels and how we feel during our cycle. Your cycle and your mood are connected and you can plan for when you know you will feel the best and have the most energy. Leisha explains what types of activities would be the best to implement and when based on your hormone cycle.

Where do we start when it comes to repairing our hormones?

Step 1- figure out where you are in your cycle

Step 2- plan for the first week of your cycle, ask yourself what you need before your cycle begins? Maybe you know you’ll feel blah a few days before and plan some self-care.

What can you do when your hormones are out of wack? Leisha explains that we want to get our bodies to a place of feeling safe. When we are stressed and in chaos, our bodies will protect us and hormone dysregulation occurs. First, look at nutrition. Are you eating whole foods? Are you eating consistently and a proper amount? Leisha gives her perspective on fasting. For young moms, she explains how they are putting out a lot of energy and if fasting, they cannot sustain it for a long period of time. This can cause secondary issues along with hormone imbalance.

Actionable self-care tips mentioned in this episode:

1 - Ask yourself what you need today

2 - Reading

3 - Going on a walk with a friend

4 - Sitting outside in the sun

5 - Scheduling monthly nights off to spend with a friend or your spouse

Leisha ends the show urging moms to stop and really think about what they need to feel fulfilled. Schedule in time every week for yourself, get to know yourself, and make yourself a priority!

Leisha Drews is an RN, FDN-P, and women’s health educator with a passion for holistic women’s healthcare. She believes that there is so much more to hormones health than just “getting by” or using band-aid solutions to cover up symptoms and loves to help her clients get to the root cause of their hormone and gut issues so they can have better energy, better periods, and feel like themselves again (even as a mom!) She uses functional lab testing and personalized health education and protocols to support her clients along their health journey and believes that support and accountability are key in truly making progress. When not talking about periods, Leisha can be found hanging out with her two kids outside, trying a new recipe, or planning an adventure.

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