Finding Your Pelvic Floor with Greta Wyeth

Scrub Caps & Sippy Cups

20-07-2021 • 37 mins

Greta Wyeth from Still Point Movement joins the Scrub Caps and Sippy Cups on the show this week talking about the pelvic floor and how we can reeducate it. She discusses the fascia and finding the pelvic floor muscles. Greta runs a post-rehab pilates studio and for the past 10 years, she has worked with women on strengthening their pelvic floor. She also educates women on the importance of balance, stability, and movement.

Greta created a course to help women learn how to strengthen their pelvic floor from home. This course focuses on anatomy and physiology, the purpose of the pelvic floor, movement, women’s health advocacy, and tips on navigating the medical system to get needed care.

Greta discusses how to reeducate the pelvic floor after childbirth. She explains that re-educating is NOT restoring and that you will never go back to the pelvic floor you once had, but you can definitely do something about it!

Have you ever wondered what pregnancy, labor, and delivery do to your pelvic floor? Or maybe you are one of the ⅔ of women that experience pelvic floor dysfunction. Greta gives our listeners issues to look out for that may indicate you have a problem.

If you are preparing for childbirth, she teaches us exactly how to strengthen and prepare. Greta talks about muscles you never would have correlated to the pelvic floor.

How soon should someone start working on their pelvic floor? Greta suggests before, during, and after pregnancy. She reminds us to be careful of the pressure we put on the intrabdominal space during the second, third, and fourth trimesters.

What would you suggest for someone who is postpartum who wants to reeducate their pelvic floor? Greta shares that women can do this anytime after childbirth. Starting small and add more difficulty as you get stronger.

Greta answers so many questions for us in the episode including, what vaginal rejuvenation is, what our pelvic floor does for us when we have sex, how to strengthen our core, and so much more!

Where can we start? Greta gives step-by-step guidelines to get you started on improving your pelvic floor. BONUS! She even walks us through an exercise that engages our lower pelvic floor.

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