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16-11-2021 • 44 mins

Wow! This episode is jam packed with so many pearls of wisdom from the one and only Dr. April Brown.

Dr. Brown (from her website is a Licensed Mental Health Christian Counselor in Florida, Wisconsin, New York, and New Jersey. In addition, she is a Certified Relationship and Sex Therapist, Board Certified TeleMental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and a Qualified Clinical Supervisor.

She has a thriving group practice called Cape Coral Therapists in Cape Coral, Florida where she specializes in anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, emotionally support animals, and distance counseling. Dr. April holds a Masters and a Specialist degree in Counseling and Human Systems and a Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology.

The ladies open up this episode discussing how we as mothers take on so much and carry the weight of the world. Isn’t that the truth! Dr. Brown reminds us that in order for us to improve intimacy, we first must focus our attention on self care. Listen to her talk about her best tips for self care!

We can get lost in our day to day and lose that spark we once had with our partner. Dr. Brown and the ladies talk about how to get that spark back. Here are a few tips:

Self-love (affirmations, time for yourself)

Date night (don’t talk about problems)

Slow life down

How can you change your current intimacy routine? Step one - get your partner on board and start the conversation. Seems simple enough right? Dr. Brown lays out her best steps for making this happen. Hint - it takes time! Dr. Brown reminds us that sex should be looked at as fun and not a chore.

How can you remove your thoughts before intimacy? This starts with mindfulness. We often think that the act of sex alone is what it’s all about and it’s not! Laci leads the ladies on a discussion about mindfulness and how our minds flow through what we are thinking. Our minds control how we feel!

Mindfulness activity - take a Hershey kiss and go through the 5 senses. Get your whole body involved. This will help you understand how to connect and be present with your partner.

How to be intimate with your partner when you are in a busy season in your life.

Shower together or find a moment to connect without distractions.

Put down the phone.

Learn how to talk your partner’s language - not into feelings? Translate the issue to a topic they are familiar with.

Crystal brings up a good point that the girls go in-depth on - why do we shit on those the closest to us?

Ellen talks about modeling relationships for our children and a popular celebrity media storm caused by this way of thinking. It’s up for debate - good or bad? Let us know!

The ladies close out this episode talking about the expectations surrounding sex. How to have a conversation with your partner, taking care of yourself, and planning time to be with your partner. This is a must listen to episode filled with tons of takeaways!

How to find Dr. Brown

Books- Improving Intimacy series on Amazon

Retreat - taking couples to Costa Rica and Florida

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