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This podcast makes the case for wellbeing culture as a transformational powerhouse. It weaves together the significance of big picture themes with everyday relevance. Seemingly disparate perspectives become 20:20 vision. A weekly inspiration on topical news, culture, money, health, society, technology, environment and geopolitics, through a wellbeing lens. Founder of Well Intelligence, Anni Hood explores a rich seam of discussion topics that will give you both clarity and pause. What matters to you, your work, home, business, family and our planet, you'll find it here. For more information, contact us here www.wellintellect.com read less
AI exposed - the threats and advantages offered by OpenAI and Generative AI with BAFTA filmmaker Sheila Hayman
AI exposed - the threats and advantages offered by OpenAI and Generative AI with BAFTA filmmaker Sheila Hayman
Understanding Generative AI - Beyond the HypeTime for an intelligent and rounded perspective on the ongoing discourse surrounding OpenAI and general developments in Generative AI. I want to cut through the sensationalist claims and instead provide a pragmatic understanding of its capabilities. Our first ever guest on this podcast implores listeners to recognise that Generative AI is fundamentally limited by its lack of human-like intelligence, understanding, and experience. It operates within the confines of binary code, devoid of true comprehension and context.BAFTA filmmaker Sheila Hayman unpacks the nuances of Generative AISheila Hayman, a BAFTA winning filmmaker and technology adviser, decodes the complexities surrounding generative AI and its intersection with human well-being. This comprehensive discussion provides a wealth of insights, revealing the multifaceted nature of generative AI, its potential threats, and the ethical considerations it demands.Embracing Nuance in the AI LandscapeThe compelling insights shared by Sheila Hayman prompt a re-evaluation of our perceptions of generative AI and its implications for wellbeing. By navigating beyond the sensationalism and techno-centric narratives, her discourse invites a nuanced understanding of Generative AI, acknowledging both its perils and its potential for positive impact. As technological advancements continue to unfold, this conversation serves as a testament to the importance of critical introspection and informed decision-making in harnessing the transformative power of AI for the betterment of humanity.Could this episode be a poignant reminder of the need for interdisciplinary dialogue, ethical scrutiny, and conscientious regulation in navigating the dynamic landscape of generative AI? Conversation includes;What is Generative AI?What are parallels between technology and religionWhy is GenAI the enemy some describe?Why it is the perfect complement to human intelligenceHow to coin and differentiate between the two most prevalent perspectives?Timestamps00:00 Cats intelligence surpasses even the best AI.05:40 Caution about technology and its control.06:51 Sheila Hayman discusses differing perspectives on AI.11:33 Questioning electricity usage and impact of algorithms.15:12 We must engage both mind and body!19:02 Human capital vital!21:45 Humanity's self-destruction!26:06 Machine learning in healthcare. Good or bad?For more information;https://www.sheilahayman.com - all about Sheila and what she doeshttps://wellintellect.com - all about Anni and the services she offershttps://www.mctd.ac.uk - all about the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy