Nurturing Connections: The Art of Newsletters with Lenka Koppova

Marketing Freed

14-03-2024 • 34 mins

With more and more marketing happening within the walled gardens of social media, there’s one channel where businesses remain in control over who sees what messages. What’s more, it’s pretty much free.

Email marketing, including e-newsletters, continues to be a crucial tool for building deep relationships with both existing and potential customers. Yet for many businesses, they’re either underutilised or perhaps worse, hastily cobbled together at the end of every month just so that something gets sent out.

In this episode of the Marketing Freed podcast, marketing therapist, Lenka Koppova shares why she feels every business needs to use newsletters as part of their marketing, along with tips on how to make them an effective part of your marketing toolkit.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Where newsletters fit in the customer journey
  • What content will resonate with your audience
  • How frequently you should send your newsletters to your list
  • How to gain feedback and interaction from your newsletter subscribers