Crafting Compelling Case Studies With Rob Beadle

Marketing Freed

04-04-2024 • 37 mins

Whether it’s fair or not, people generally don’t trust marketing, which is what makes customer case studies so valuable. Instead of just broadcasting a marketing message, your customers are sharing their stories in their own words.

In this episode of Marketing Freed, I’m joined by Rob Beadle who shares insights from his career as a B2B Technology Copywriter about how case studies can be used throughout the whole buying journey, and how businesses can systemise getting new case studies created rather than leaving it up to chance.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The versatility of case studies
  • How case studies can be repurposed to get maximum value from them
  • Why case studies shouldn’t be gated
  • Whether to aim for household names or more representative customers as a vendor
  • How to bake getting case studies created into your business processes



During the episode, we mention Case Study Kickstarter, a useful guide that Rob has created to help businesses get started with creating case studies. You can download this free guide at