Simplifying Your CRM to Generate More Sales

Marketing Freed

28-03-2024 • 34 mins

Keeping accurate, up-to-date information about your current and potential customers is crucial to effective sales and marketing activity. But, with increasingly complex tools to automate its analysis and associated activity, there’s a real risk to small businesses of ending up with just data instead of actionable intelligence.

In this episode of the Marketing Freed Podcast, we sit down with Simon Washbrook, founder of Popcorn CRM, a platform designed specifically for the needs of small businesses. Simon shares the importance of aligning sales and marketing, the pitfalls of complex CRM systems, tips on how to make your emails more effective, and what signals to look out for from your prospects that mean they’re ready to buy.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why simplicity beats complexity in CRM
  • The importance of sales and marketing alignment
  • The human element in automation
  • 4 types of email and how to improve their effectiveness
  • Signals to look out for in your contact’s email and browsing behaviour that make them a hot prospect