Episode 5: Black on TV feat. Jocelyn Esien & Tolly T

+44 Presents The Noughties

05-05-2022 • 46 mins

The representation of Black people on TV in the UK has come a long way. We now have an abundance of TV shows and movies that represent the Black British experience. However that wasn’t the case in the noughties.

Back then it seemed like a 'one in, one out' process and it was RARE to have two shows with a predominantly Black cast on TV at the same time. So when performers like our guest Jocelyn Esien came on TV, we were hooked! She had us in stitches for much of the 2000’s with the 3 Non-blondes and Little Miss Jocelyn shows. They paved the way for our second guest Tolly T to feel seen and represented!

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