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What are the biggest figures in black British music and culture thinking right now? Your hosts Zeze Millz and David “Sideman” Whitely talk music and much more with their big-name guests, in some of the liveliest conversation ever to hit your headphones. And you’ll hear Zeze and David give their own unmissable takes on the hottest issues of the week. New episodes come out Sundays for free, with early ad-free access from Fridays on Amazon Music’s Prime and Unlimited tiers.

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Our Editor's Take

Who's the biggest star in the United Kingdom's Black music scene? What's the latest news in the British pop-culture world? The +44 Podcast answers these questions and so many more. Hosts Zeze Millz and David "Sideman" Whitely are here to provide listeners with musical insight. Sideman and Zeze consider themselves cultural commentators. That means it's their goal to provide information on the hottest topics and the top trends.

Each +44 Podcast episode's format varies. Often, Zeze and Sideman spend 30-45 minutes sharing news and exploring trends. Sometimes, though, they invite special guests to join them. Artists like Donae'o, singer Ray BLK, and author Big Narstie speak on the show. Beenie Man, a Jamaican DJ, joins the hosts in one episode. They discuss Jamaica's influence on the music industry and his personal story.

Every guest discusses some angle of the music industry. But often, the hosts and the guests relax and have a casual talk. They discuss important experiences that led them to success.

Though the guests are a major feature of the show, the hosts' dynamic is what makes it a great listen. Though they both tend to share similar opinions, they don't agree all of the time. And many listeners think that's when things get interesting. But they still keep a light, fun, and friendly tone, so nothing is ever taken too far.

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