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Meanness Kills (Again) | Episode 338 | Inherently Happy Podcast
Meanness Kills (Again) | Episode 338 | Inherently Happy Podcast
Cruelty and Stinginess don't discriminate, but harm everyone they touch--from those who give too little, to those who take too much. --- In Episode 338 of the Inherently Happy podcast, we explore the destructive nature of meanness and our host's firsthand experiences with its effects. Throughout the episode, he teaches us that continuing along a path of cruelty and stinginess can not only hurt others but also pose considerable harm to the Mean individual themselves. Using his personal experiences, the host shares the impact it had on his father's health, resulting in his father's untimely death after battling multiple cancers. He accepts his past as a "meanie" and elaborates on how his upbringing influenced his understanding of dealing with disappointment and interpersonal relationships. Our host acknowledges how his parental figures modeled different kinds of Meanness. He also shares his journey from being a troublemaker to consciously choosing to be nicer and kinder, regardless of his feelings, for his overall wellbeing. These podcast episodes are a testament to his transformation, as they provide guidance on managing unkind thoughts and how to project positivity. They suggest turning to artistry to channel the negative thoughts and emotions and to contrast these with extreme scenarios that can make the original Mean feelings seem rather benign. Drawing from his experiences, our host encourages listeners to observe and understand individuals who may obstruct their paths rather than resort to mean actions. The concluding message of the episode is poignant - meanness can kill, and it's always better to choose niceness, albeit without letting it become a weakness. This episode is a heartfelt reminder that in spite of our feelings and moods, we can choose to channel them healthily and responsibly through sports, art, and entertainment, transforming them into a source of wellbeing and happiness.