Don't Autopsy your Audience

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23-06-2021 • 10 mins

An important concept most people don’t consider is WHEN to ask for feedback. It is typically asked at the END of an event - after the webinar or course or vacation, etc.  This is known as the “autopsy approach”: waiting until the event is over to figure out what went wrong.  But how does conducting this autopsy help your members, students, clients or attendees?

Doc Champagne explains why you should never use the autopsy approach when asking for feedback, with examples of how autopsies can go wrong.  Instead, use the science-based alternative to get huge response rate and far more accurate and meaningful results.

Key Points:

  • Autopsy approach – what it is and why you shouldn’t use it
  • What the best time is to ask for feedback
  • Using a Survey Conversation as the better alternative
  • Why the timing of your questions encourages others to give their feedback more freely

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