Closing the Loop with Your Audience

Keep Your Customers Forever

09-12-2020 • 10 mins

The greatest positive impact you can have on your “audience” (clients, members, students, attendees, customers) is to “close-the-loop”: share back some results you gathered from the surveys they answered.  This proves that their voice was heard, shows them how they compare to others and is the biggest WIIFM (what’s in it for me) possible.

Doc Champagne explains why Closing-the-Loop is the most important of the 9 Principles of Customer feedback.  It generates the highest possible response rate and creates a huge WOW factor because it is so rarely done.

Key Points:

  • The technology has long existed to easily do this, so why aren’t you doing it?
  • There is a right and wrong way to close-the-loop, but it is far more forgiving than violating other Principles of Customer Feedback
  • Your audience will feel more engaged and connected with your organization even though they are simply filling out an online survey!
  • Closing-the-Loop makes your audience WANT to respond to your questions again and again.

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