What Everyone Overlooks when Gathering Feedback

Keep Your Customers Forever

20-01-2021 • 8 mins

When we ask customers, clients, members, students, or attendees for FEEDBACK, we must include both the HOW and the WHY in our instructions. The result is meaningful, specific, honest comments from your audience from which you can take proper action.

Forgot to include these two critical components? The result is vague, irrelevant feedback that is not representative of your audience. So simple to apply the HOW and the WHY – just give a listen!

Key Points:

  • The worst thing you could EVER tell your audience is “Take your time to help us improve our products and services”. So why does everyone do this?
  • The magic 12 words will demonstrate the WIIFM for your audience and they will respond with the feedback you need to improve
  • Don’t ever include “Any additional comments?” or other open-ended items on your evaluations or surveys – will cause you great harm

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