Goals Are For Losers

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25-11-2020 • 9 mins

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Goals don’t work for most people.  We’ve known this for 45 years, when “goal setting” as a lone motivational tool was abandoned by even its most ardent researchers.  Yet the smooth-talking goal gurus continue to pitch their goal planners, goal journals and goal setting courses (discounted just in time for the New Year!).  Instead, you need SYSTEMS, which work for everyone.

When you create a system, you take the pressure off of goal setting because “the score takes care of itself”.  Use triggers to build habits and you’ll always be moving in the right direction.  Set some goals, sure, but don’t FIXATE on goals.  Don’t let the goals gurus waste your week setting daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for every facet of your life.  And ignore the (very vocal) minority of goal-driven people who tell you how you must be doing it wrong if goals don’t work for you.

Key Points:

  • Create SYSTEMS to achieve goals – don’t create goals without systems
  • When you set goals, you are failure every day until you reach your goal – why would you want to live this way?
  • “Even the very wise cannot see all ends” – stop pressuring yourself with lifetime goals
  • Use triggers, personal dashboards, and create a system to achieve all you want out of life

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