Episode 2: Sue Kirsch and Jeff Stein

LCLC Oral History

27-09-2021 • 48 mins

When Paolo Solari died in 2013, the New York Times dubbed him "the architect of the counterculture." An apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright's, Solari founded Arcosanti, a projected visionary city embodying Solari's philosophy of "archology"--a life affirming melding of architecture and ecology. Ada Louise Huxtable, writing in Time magazine, called Solari's renderings “some of the most spectacularly sensitive and superbly visionary drawings that any century has known.” When Solari visited Louisville in 1976, he was at the height of his countercultural fame. Our second episode is devoted to a reconsideration of Solari's legacy through a conversation with Jeff Stein, past president of Solari's Cosanti foundation and Sue Kirsch, Arcosanti's archivist.

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