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Entering Heaven Alive: Analysis & Review vol.1

The Third Men Podcast

20-10-2022 • 1 hr 53 mins

We're entering season 7 alive, with part one of our two-part album analysis and review feature on the latest Jack White solo album: ENTERING HEAVEN ALIVE! The year 2022 gifted fans with not one but TWO all-new solo LPs from the Third Man himself, and this abundance of riches left your humble podcast co-hosts with a simple question: where to begin? Well in true Third Men Podcast fashion, we've decided to dive in head first, out of order, and with our hearts on our sleeves - parsing the playful melodies, thought-provoking lyrics and eclectic sequencing of album entry #2 Entering Heaven Alive. In this episode we'll get into the inception, execution, and track-by-track analysis of this JWIII masterpiece, and invite you the listener to join us in the discussion! As Jack tours both this and FEAR OF THE DAWN around the world, our Third Man Segment for this and future episodes will be dedicated to your own reviews of both the songs and live performances of this new, exceptional batch of material. Get ready to love your pod-device like your mother loves me (wait a minute....) and dive into this all-new season of the Third Men Podcast!

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