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Jack White & The Critics

The Third Men Podcast

21-12-2022 • 2 hrs

They're at times his biggest fans, and at times his stalwart adversaries -- they're rock journalists and they have something to say about Jack White. And say it they have, ever since the early days of the White Stripes music reviewers were (and are) an ever-present aspect of how the public perceives Jack White the artist. In this first episode of an new recurring series, we're going to take a long hard look at the critical responses to each of Jack White's 5 (at the time of this recording) solo studio albums - from Blunderbuss straight on through to Entering Heaven Alive - in an attempt to analyze the music reviewer reaction to Jack White's body of solo work. We're also thrilled to be joined by Consequence of Sound staff writer Jonah Krueger, who himself reviewed Jack White's latest album, and who offers an invaluable perspective on the responsibilities inherent in the role of the rock journalist. This episode of the Third Men Podcast is going CRITICAL.

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