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Boarding House Revisited

The Third Men Podcast

08-04-2024 • 1 hr 14 mins

Surprise! The Third Men Podcast is back from the mind shaft, connected by brotherly love (ew) and ready with an all-new episode that will take you for a stroll down memory lane. Specifically, whatever memory lane Ezmerelda is on. This is an installment of the show that we're calling BOARDING HOUSE REVISITED, wherein your humble co-hosts will take a look back at Jack White's divisive, genre-bending, and quintessentially WEIRD third solo album Boarding House Reach. In 2018, we here at the Third Men Podcast were so excited to have a new record from Jack White, that in retrospect our reactions to that record were perhaps somewhat colored by the environment around us. Well, we're here to give this whacky record a fresh listen, featuring live commentary for your ears only ...and with a surprising amount of clarity given the time that has passed since its release. So join us, won't you? We're happy to be back -- even if we are, indeed, totally absurd.

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