The Lore Lodge Podcast

Aidan Mattis

Aidan Mattis and Aidan Thornbury discuss the paranormal, folklore, history, and other nonsense in this weekly live show. Support us on Patreon at read less

Our Editor's Take

Are national parks hiding the mythical creatures called Wendigos? This question is one that initiated the beginning of The Lore Lodge Podcast. The man behind the question, Aidan Mattis, posed it to his TikTok base and ignited plenty of interest. Since then, he's continued discussing history through the lens of supernatural activity. Joining him is creative producer Aidan Thornbury. The two discuss everything from Nephilim to Freemasons. It's about to get weird!

The unrealistic and unbelievable are the core content of this podcast. Mattis and Thornbury intersperse their theories with banter and general chit-chat. This laid-back nature makes the spooky and surreal seem more tolerable. It also presents the hosts as more relatable (and less like conspiracy theorists).

Sometimes Mattis and Thornbury even make jokes about the content they share. Yes, the themes discussed are paranormal. Presenting the show in a relaxed way means it appears less far-fetched or frightening. Instead, the stories and anecdotes the hosts share will leave listeners intrigued. They might laugh along about skinwalkers or scoff at UFOs.

Listeners should not be mistaken, though. The hosts are serious about their roles. With backgrounds in history, they try to present the themes in layperson's terms. Using silliness and goofiness is how they achieve this.

Fans of YouTubers Stakuyi and Wendigoon might find this show enjoyable. It even has a YouTube channel, The Lore Lodge Official Podcast. Here, listeners can become watchers and see the hosts as they discuss the topics. Sometimes they'll refer to images on screen, but listeners do not miss out if they can't see them. All the atmosphere and information are available in the audio format.

The Lore Lodge Podcast features a historian and folklorist chatting with a producer about mythology. These informal, banter-filled conversations comment on unsolved disappearances, strange creatures, and general lore. It's an approachable way to learn about a side of history not often discussed. Expect lots of legends, tales, and other topics of the unknown. With a bit of conspiracy, a bit of fact, and a lot of charm, this podcast blurs the divide between real and unreal.

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