286: Topic | Confidence with Chris Harder, Aubrey Marcus, and David Meltzer

Travis Makes Friends

19-06-2019 • 29 mins

It’s the million dollar question - how do you build confidence? In this episode of Build Your Network hear from Chris Harder, founder, and host of the hit podcast For the Love of Money, Aubrey Marcus, founder of Onnit and NYT Bestselling author of Own the Day, Own Your Life, and David Meltzer CEO of Sports One Marketing and Host of Entrepreneurs Elevator Pitch and the Playbooks. Most success comes down to confidence and one point or another, your host Travis Chappell talks to today’s guests and gleans valuable confidence building strategies. Episode Highlights: Chris Harder Start with network marketing or door-to-door by practicing on video. You have to get out and do things and be consistent. Do more Instagram stories, be interesting and don’t worry about the feedback. Aubrey Marcus Arrogance is insecurity, it’s covering for something you’re not sure about yourself. Be mindful of challenges and their impact on your psyche. You have to know who you are and let that be enough apart from outside validation. David Meltzer Clarity, balance, and focus bring confidence. Allow things to happen, don’t limit your point of entry and pursue your potential. You have to figure out how to qualify opportunities. The greatest challenge in negotiation is to provide the most value you can. 3 Key Points: The best way to build confidence is consistency. Confidence doesn’t come from how others view you, it’s how you view yourself. Remain open to possibilities and opportunities. Tweetable Quotes: “Be consistent and over time your confidence will start to build itself.” -Travis “Who you are is enough apart from outside validation.” -Aubrey “The more successful you are the more opportunities you have.” -David Resources Mentioned: Visit Travis’ website at http://www.buildyournetwork.co/ (Buildyournetwork.co) Learn more about mentorships and masterminds for FREE at http://www.freemmcourse.com/join (freemmcourse.com/enroll) Learn to build a professional, profitable podcast - http://travischappell.com/coaching (snag a VIP day spot) Explode Your Network at http://travischappell.com/explode (travischappell.com/explode) For information regarding your data privacy, visit https://www.acast.com/privacy (acast.com/privacy)

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