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There is more to this life than what we see with our eyes. Spirit is all around us. Expect to hear about all things Spiritual; from meditation to tarot, from witchcraft to the paranormal, from guides to deities. For those questioning their spirituality, beginning witches, and established practitioners, come for a drink and a chat with a few giggles in between. Have a laugh with The Antlered Crown.

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Interview with Ash from Museum of Magic, Fortune-telling, & Witchcraft🌚
Interview with Ash from Museum of Magic, Fortune-telling, & Witchcraft🌚
Welcome to The Antlered Crown podcast. Where we talk all things witchy but mostly go off on a ramble. This week we will be talking more about Isobel Gowdie, Scottish Witchcraft, and some of the goodies Ash has at the Museum of Magic, Fortune-telling, & Witchcraft. So come on in!If you would like the YouTube version check out my Patreon in the link below. And don't forget to tip your witch bitch! 🤳Follow Ash on: 📸Insta: @museumofmagicfortunewitchcraft📺Facebook: Museum of Magic, Fortune-telling, & Witchcraft☕Buy me a Coffee: 🌛Patreon Museum Memberships: ⏯YouTube: @museummfw📖Buy Ash's Book on Isobel Gowdie here:🌛Patreon: all of this at 🦌 🔮🤳Follow me on: 📸Insta: @theantleredcrown🎵TikTok: @antleredcrown​​​​⏯YouTube: Elwynn The Witch📺Facebook: The Antlered Crown💰 Tips received via the following apps:CashApp:$antleredcrown​​​​​Venmo:​​​​​ PayPal:​​​​​ 🎶Intro Music by the lovely WaterBodyMusic- Find more at📸Insta: @waterbodymusic🎨Podcast Art by the talented: 📸Insta: @its_that_katSupport the show