Barefoot with Spirit: Getting Raw and Real (Ep70)

Barefoot with Spirit

28-06-2021 • 46 mins

Welcome to Barefoot with Spirit Podcast Show! Kick off your shoes and join your host Leanne, The Barefoot Medium(R)for monthly episodes with channelled information from Spirit/Universe/the Divine to inspire you to transform your experience, consciously manifest your desires and connect with your intuition and Spirit. As you tune in take a few deep breaths into your heart space, step into this spiritual container, sacred space, for a deep, intimate and connected conversation with Leanne and her guest Kelli Brockman "Getting Raw and Real". About your Host Leanne, The Barefoot Medium is an International Medium, Twin Flame, Transformational Coach & Author who is blessed and honoured to act as the bridge between you and your loved one(s) who have passed over to Spirit and be able to pass on their messages of support, peace, forgiveness, joy and love. She is also passionate about bringing together her spiritual gifts with over 20 years of professional experience in senior management, training, mentoring and educating to support and empower people to transform their lives and manifest their dreams through her transformational coaching programs, courses and retreats. Join The Barefoot Tribe: www.thebarefootmedium.com.au Connect with Leanne on Facebook: Leanne The Barefoot Medium Subscribe to Leanne's Soundcloud channel: Leanne The Barefoot Medium Follow Leanne on Instagram: thebarefootmedium About Kelli Kelli is a global leading Mindset & Women’s Empowerment Expert, Master Energetic Healer and High Performance and Soul Shifts Coach “Go beyond the illusions of your ego-mind and be empowered to live your truth" This is what Kelli lives by in the healing and empowerment of women across the globe. Kelli is the creatrix of Raw and Real Women, a Global Women’s Empowerment Network. For over 15 years she has been unleashing and igniting women to silence their inner critic and step into their full feminine power. Kelli’s passion and focus is to help women to move out of conformity and mediocrity and uncover their fundamental nature as a feminine woman in her wholeness. She is tired of seeing women play small, maintain conditioned patriarchal beliefs and play out behaviours because of other people’s expectations. She is out to expose the myths that have taken residence in women’s subconscious minds and to unmask the false beliefs and labels that women give themselves. Lifting the veil on their misconceptions and providing space for women to fully embrace their power. Kelli’s wish for all women is that they accept and embrace their full feminine power and be emboldened to take life on, on their own terms and create a life of Soul aligned passion. Kelli has stepped out of society’s expectations of conformity to help women fully step into their greatness and now she is supporting other women to do the same. Visit Kelli's website: www.rawandrealwomen.com Connect on Facebook & Instagram: rawandrealwomen