PHOENIX RISING presents infiniTEA - Session 5 - SUMMER 2019 - DJ WOLF e.


20-08-2022 • 1 hr 19 mins

Hello Everyone: Welcome to PHOENIX RISING presents infiniTEA - Session 5 - Summer 2019 - DJ WOLF e.; the beginning of an all-new 4 session journey, taking US through August & into September. Again WE gather on a lovely WHITE SAND BEACH in the LATE AFTERNOON as the up trip starts, a mellow groove that fits perfectly with OUR surroundings. This is a different side of THE MAGIC ISLAND, a side that exists during the daylight hours, aside ruled by the INVINCIBLE SUN. ALWAYS THE SUN; its warm rays tanning OUR bodies and providing the only light show necessary to satisfy the myriad of dancers, happy and BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Grab a CHILLED cocktail or some Champs, sit back, RELAX, and enjoy. This year, infiniTEA is YOUR replacement for THE EPIC SUMMER SESSIONS, which will return bigger than ever next year . . . ! Featuring CHILL, Balearic TRANCE, Balearic TRIBAL, and Balearic HOUSE, the sounds of SUMMER. palm tree + sea breeze + white sand + sun + Here is the tracklist: 1. Enlightenment - Roger Shah2. Salida Del Sol [Original Mix - DJ WOLF e.'s Extended Outro Edit] - Bob Memphis3. Tarida [Extended Mix] - High Noon At Salinas featuring Noah Shah4. On A Little Island [Original Mix] - Christian Drost5. Ubud [Extended Mix] - Marycee & Balearic Session6. Surfside [Original Mix - DJ WOLF e.'s Extended Outro Edit] - Raul Pablo Sanchez7. Ripped Knees [Extended Mix - DJ WOLF e.'s Extended Outro Edit] - Jukebox 80s8. Castles In The Sky [Sunlounger Extended Club Mix - DJ WOLF e.'s Extended Outro Edit] - Roger Shah & Inger Hansen9. Muchacha [Extended Tribal Mix] - High Noon At Salinas10. Higher Than The Sun [High Noon At Salinas Remix] - Roger Shah, JES & Brian Laruso11. Into The Wild [Extended Mix - DJ WOLF e.'s Extended Outro Edit] - High Noon At Salinas12. Aquas Blancas [Where To Get Naked Remix] - Sunlounger Thank you all for your continued support. Much LOVE and RESPECT to you, my loyal fans, and please take the time to like & rate (1 - 5 stars) The Official DJ WOLF e. Fan Page at, my SoundCloud page at, my Twitter page at & my Beatport DJ page at All My Best . . . DJ WOLF e. BALEARIC is not just a SOUND - BALEARIC is a way of LIFE #PHOENIXRISING