91: Options Backtesting, Investment Research & The Future of Option Alpha

The Option Alpha Podcast

19-05-2017 • 36 mins

Show notes: http://optionalpha.com/show91

In today's show, I wanted to take a step back and give everyone an overview of what we've been working on here at Option Alpha and what we have planned over the next couple months. More specifically I wanted to officially announce that our new options backtesting software will be released publicly on June 1st. And as mentioned before too many people, as soon as the new software goes live the cost of the Lifetime Membership will go up by $1,000.

Options backtesting software is something that has been terribly done in our industry and we've worked really hard (and invested a ton of money) to make sure it's done right. After many months of development, I'm proud to say that we've made it not only powerful but simplistic and intuitive enough that anyone can use it. More importantly, it allows you to stress test option strategies before putting real capital at risk.

I'll dive more into the details and everything it includes a little more during today's show. Plus, I'll hint at some new research reports we've already been working on that will be released in the next couple months.