#11- Introduction to Macro and Micronutrients Pt.2

The Sicilian Secret Diet

29-08-2022 • 19 mins

Many fans and podcast listeners have been reaching out to understand more about Macro and Micronutrients. Dr. Sandra Cammarata and Dr. Giovanni Campanile open up the conversation and focus on Macro nutrients in this week's podcast.

Micronutrients refer mainly to vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal health.

Micronutrients are essential for life, especially for growth of cells, bone health, the production of ATP or energy molecules in the cells, the proper function of our immune system, and helping the blood coagulation system so that we can stop bleeding when we need to. Each micronutrient has a specific role in maintaining optimal function of cells and many important physiological functions. A severe insufficiency of micronutrients can result in specific diseases; however, a relative decrease can result in suboptimal cellular function.

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