How to Do Property & Auto Claims as a Daily Claims Adjuster

The Independent Adjuster Podcast (IA Path)

28-08-2023 • 1 hr 28 mins

Can you handle both auto and property claims as a daily IA?

Get ready for a riveting conversation with our esteemed guest, Chad Burnett - a man who bravely transitioned from a 21-year-long police career to becoming a successful independent adjuster. Chad's story is an inspiring one, filled with lessons and insights on the importance of saying 'yes' early on, building relationships with dispatchers, and developing strategies to efficiently manage a high-volume of claims. His journey doesn't end here, however, as he also gives us a glimpse into his daily operations, revealing how he skillfully handles a heavy load of auto claims each day and his readiness to travel for work.

Ever considered making the shift from auto to property insurance? Listen closely as Chad shares his enlightening experiences on the subject. He speaks candidly about his rewarding experiences of aiding people in need with property claims, the financial rewards and the instrumental role his mentor, Chris, played in his professional journey. From the highs of helping others to the lows of facing challenges, Chad's story is a testament to the grit and determination required to succeed in the insurance industry.

As we wrap up our conversation, Chad highlights the importance of investing in useful tools such as Xactimate software and the need for full commitment during the deployment. He sheds light on the differences between auto and property claims, the importance of accurate documentation, and the constant need for learning in the adjusting field. This episode is a treasure trove of practical advice and inspirational stories, bound to motivate anyone considering a career transition in the insurance industry. Join us and prepare to be inspired by Chad's story.

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