From Warehouse Worker to Insurance Appraiser: Chris Stanley's Journey to Success and his Vision for IA Path

The Independent Adjuster Podcast (IA Path)

17-07-2023 • 1 hr 31 mins

What happens when a warehouse worker becomes a successful entrepreneur? That's the story of Chris Stanley, owner of IA  Path and the original host/captain of the Independent Adjuster Podcast. His journey is a testament to continuous learning, understanding one’s worth, and the power of mentorship. As we sit down with Chris, he warmly walks us through his shift from a warehouse job to a thriving business owner and how his fascinating lifestyle of living on a sailboat set a foundation for adaptability and resilience - necessary qualities for a rewarding career in the insurance appraising industry.

Along with his fascinating personal journey, Chris sheds light on the birth and vision of IA Path. He shares how he built a business from scratch, capitalizing on his unique experiences and the training he received from his father-in-law. Chris candidly discusses the importance of quality training for insurance adjusters and the value of mentorship in navigating the industry. His insights offer invaluable lessons for anyone standing on the brink of a new venture or a career change.

As we ponder on the exciting future of claims, Chris offers his perspective on the potential of virtual claims handling, the need for independent adjusters to expand their skillset, and the importance of diversification in the industry. He also talks about the vibrant IA Path community and its mentorship program, a safe space where members can learn, grow, and make their mark in the insurance adjusting industry. You won't want to miss out on this insightful episode that paints a hopeful picture of the future and offers practical advice on succeeding in the industry.

So, buckle up for a deep dive into the world of insurance adjusting with Chris Stanley!

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