From Construction Sites to Mentorship, the Brad Fancher Story

The Independent Adjuster Podcast (IA Path)

05-07-2023 • 1 hr 26 mins

What happens when you mix a builder, a pastor, a businessman, and a teacher together? You get Brad Fancher, our guest in this episode, who has walked these diverse career paths with resilience and determination. Buckle up, as we explore Brad's fascinating journey from the construction site to the pulpit, from running businesses to helping shape future auto appraisers at IA Path.

Brad's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and the importance of seizing opportunities. As he navigated the building industry, he discovered a niche in auto appraisal which he dove into headfirst. He willingly shares the trials and tribulations he faced in starting his business in the appraisal industry, likening the experience to climbing a mountain while pulling a boulder. His insights on the importance of loyalty, leaving on good terms and the invaluable role of platforms like LinkedIn in growing your business are not to be missed.

But Brad's journey doesn't end there. His role at IA Path is where his passion for teaching and helping others to excel shines through. From the unique teaching methods to his willingness to take on a mentorship role, Brad's contribution to IA Path has been instrumental. And if you're considering a career in the insurance industry, or looking to grow in your current role, Brad's insights on the potential of earning a great living in the auto appraisal industry and heavy equipment claims are essential. Listen in, as this episode promises to be an inspirational conversation with a man who has truly worn many hats.

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